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Law Enforcement Officers - Invictus  LEO Training Verified Academies

BHBJJ joins the ranks of Invictus LEO Verified Academies

BHBJJ recently was listed on the Invictus LEO website as one of the academies dedicated to keeping Law Enforcement AND the public safer through practical self-defense training tailored specifically for Law Enforcement officers. Ask about our special LEO classes/ discounts.

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Jiu Jitsu Stacks The Odds In Police Officer’s favor in spite of A Huge Weight Difference"

Through the years we’ve often talked about cop jitsu and how huge of a difference it makes...

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Why We Train BHBJJ - Young People Showing Why

Why Train With BHBJJ?

Risk-Free Trial -   - Our free trial period offers you the chance to see the great classes we have to offer, without the pressure of having to sign up on the spot.   Shop around, look at other programs, and then come see if we have something different to offer.

NO LONG TERMS CONTRACTS REQUIRED -  Unlike most large schools, we don’t force you to sign a long-term contract.   If after the trial period, you aren’t convinced that our classes are the most practical and fun self-defense instruction around, sign up for a single month and give it a try with no additional commitment.   We don’t force you to sign a contract because we think students should have the choice.

Safe, welcoming atmosphere -  Everyone starts somewhere, and everybody is a beginner at something.  Our school culture is built on a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. 

Individual Attention -  We keep our class sizes small enough that we have time to give you INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION as necessary.

Curriculum-based instruction -  It can be frustrating to be taught a technique, and then never see it again for a year or more.   By then you’ve forgotten everything you learned!  Our curriculum ensures that you are being exposed to the MOST EFFECTIVE self-defense techniques we have to offer, and on a regular and consistent basis.   Repetition is the key to success.  If you come to class ready to learn, we’ll take care of the rest!

Beginners welcome! -   Walking into a martial arts school for the first time can be scary.  I know, I’ve been there myself.   You may think “Can I do it?”, “Will they be nice?”, “Will my training partners try to hurt me?”.   Relax, everything’s going to go great!   I promise you will probably do better than you think, our vibe is very open and friendly, and safety in training and instruction is of paramount importance.   If you can walk into the school with the desire to learn, you already have everything that’s required to begin (or continue) your Self-Defense journey.”


Offering Self-Defense Education and Jiu Jitsu Instructions for all ages!

Proudly serving the Berwyn Heights/ College Park/ Greenbelt area

We specialize in teaching practical self–defense to all ages and abilities. Whether you are looking for anti–bullying programs for children, self–defense for adults, or a women‘s safety seminar, we have something to offer you! Learn how to get fit, build confidence, and stay safe in a clean, welcoming, team–oriented environment. Beginners and first–timers especially welcome!