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Jr. Combatives (Ages 8-13)

Adolescents experience a very different world than their younger counterparts.  The fun doesn’t stop for students when they get older, but their priorities and concerns are different now than they were a few years ago.   Children at this age know bullies exist, and have likely seen or experienced some form of bullying or physical altercation before.   The best defense against bullies is a child’s own self-confidence.  But, most children won’t stand up to a bully verbally if they don’t feel like they can defend themselves physically.

In this class, students begin learning how to identify bullying, and how best to deal with instances of bullying they may encounter.  With the rates of bullying on the rise, and many schools’ zero-tolerance policies for fighting, the last thing you want is for your child to get in trouble for defending themselves.   We use a 33-technique self-defense curriculum to show students how to get the bully to the ground, and hold them safely until help arrives or the bully gives up (without having to punch or kick the bully in return).

In addition to learning effective ways to deal with bullies, we continue to focus on character and leadership development.   A portion of every class is dedicated to discussion about how to deal with a bully without physical confrontation, how to develop a healthy lifestyle, and how to become role models for others, awareness of the impact of drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, and the consequences of using martial arts irresponsibly.

Gracie Bullyproof

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